Statement from GB3MP NoV holder

Obviously we are aware of the appalling situation that developed last Saturday 21st November on GB3MP.

Some points to note for the future.

The repeater is being monitored and, subject to availability, if such an incident happens again the repeater will be switched off for 2 WEEKS, harsh I know but that is the only tool we as the Repeater Group or me as the NoV holder for GB3MP have.

I would urge everyone using GB3MP to observe some restraint and not become embroiled in verbal abuse or arguments via the repeater.

If there’s abuse etc during the morning net, any day, then please terminate the net – don’t get involved trying to beat the IQZeroes, remember there are 2 controls on your radio, the On/Off switch or the VFO – think about using them.

As I said if it goes off it’ll go off for 2 WEEKS!!

Keep safe
Dave M0OBW – GB3MP NoV holder

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