GB3ST, GB3VT and GB7ST off air

GB3ST and GB3VT went off air on Wednesday for an unknown reason. GB3SE is still operational. Visits to site comes under covid restrictions at the moment. We have contacted the site owner requesting that they take a look. GB7ST has lost networking at the moment with the Brandmeister changes which took place on Wednesday also.... Continue Reading →

Statement from GB3MP NoV holder

Obviously we are aware of the appalling situation that developed last Saturday 21st November on GB3MP. Some points to note for the future. The repeater is being monitored and, subject to availability, if such an incident happens again the repeater will be switched off for 2 WEEKS, harsh I know but that is the only... Continue Reading →

GB3ST & GB3MN improvements

GB3ST has had failed cooling fans replaced and is back to full output power for the first time in quite a while. In my case, I can now comfortably listen to ST whereas before it was in the noise. GB3MN has had an additional filter fitted which improves the isolation between the input and output... Continue Reading →

GB3MP back on the air (again)

After replacing the antenna and coax run, GB3MP is now back on the air and available for use. A number of repeater group members donated extra funds to the group to help with the replacement antenna. The committee thanks those that chipped in. Your donations are very much appreciated. If you are enjoying using GB3MP... Continue Reading →

GB3MP Taken off air

A few comments had been received about received signal strength from GB3MP being lower since it was put back on the air. There were no known faults at the time however the keeper would take a look when time allowed. The keeper was on site today for a commercial job and took the time to... Continue Reading →

GB3MP off air

We are aware that the GB3MP repeater is currently off the air. The reason for this is currently unknown. The repeater keeper will investigate at their earliest opportunity, however, due to current site access restrictions, it may take more than a week. The keeper also notes that the repeater may be HubNet enabled on its... Continue Reading →

GB7MN off air

GB7MN, the 70cm DMR repeater near the Stockport area is not currently operational. The phoenix network has lost connectivity to the repeater on the 26th March. GB3MN, the 2m fusion connected repeater that is on the same repeater site, is still operational, so the fault appears to be with the repeater itself. Unless something more... Continue Reading →

GB3ST Performance issues

GB3ST is operating at reduced output power due to a cooling fan failure. The repeater may also exhibit intermittent operation as it will temporarily turn itself off should a critical temperature be reached. Unfortunately, in the current circumstances, a site visit is not possible, so we don't know when normal service will be restored.

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