GB3MP off air

We are aware that the GB3MP repeater is currently off the air. The reason for this is currently unknown. The repeater keeper will investigate at their earliest opportunity, however, due to current site access restrictions, it may take more than a week. The keeper also notes that the repeater may be HubNet enabled on its... Continue Reading →

GB7MN off air

GB7MN, the 70cm DMR repeater near the Stockport area is not currently operational. The phoenix network has lost connectivity to the repeater on the 26th March. GB3MN, the 2m fusion connected repeater that is on the same repeater site, is still operational, so the fault appears to be with the repeater itself. Unless something more... Continue Reading →

GB3ST Performance issues

GB3ST is operating at reduced output power due to a cooling fan failure. The repeater may also exhibit intermittent operation as it will temporarily turn itself off should a critical temperature be reached. Unfortunately, in the current circumstances, a site visit is not possible, so we don't know when normal service will be restored.

GB3MN Restored after software failure

GB3MN was stuck transmitting an empty carrier over the Christmas and new year period. Attempts to reboot the repeater failed to clear the fault. A software rollback was performed which appears to have fixed the issue. The repeater is fully operational once again.

AGM 2019

This year's AGM will be held on Monday 2nd September at 19:30 local time. Stockport Radio Society are kindly hosting us this year at Walthew House. For full details, please see the events calendar. We hold our AGMs at different venues around the area so that we can reach as many members as possible. If... Continue Reading →

GB3MN Planned maintenance

The GB3MN Yaesu fusion repeater has been removed from its site today, Sunday 28th July to allow a hardware and firmware upgrade. This will involve the hardware being returned to Yaesu in Winchester for a few days. If successful, we hope to return GB3MN to service by Saturday 3rd August. GB3MR on 70cms FM is... Continue Reading →

GB3MP – Upcoming planned maintenance

On Monday 8th July there will be a planned power outage on the site of GB3MP. Power to all non-essential systems (including GB3MP) will be unavailable. GB3MP will fail-over to it's battery backup power source during the outage. Run time will depend on usage of the repeater. Normal service will resume once power is restored... Continue Reading →

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