We  took the decision at the 2015 AGM to stop producing Talkthrough.

However – we have scanned and PDF’d a number of our previous issues, and will add more as time goes on.

To download an archive copy of the ‘TALKTHROUGH’ Newsletter, right click the PDF icon next to the edition that you want and “Save As” directly to your computer.
Please be aware that some scanned editions are greater than 15 megabytes in size.

Talkthrough Number  PDF Download
Talkthrough 5
Talkthrough 7  
Talkthrough 8  
Talkthrough 10  
Talkthrough 13  
Talkthrough 16  
Talkthrough 18  
Talkthrough 20  
Talkthrough 21  
Talkthrough 22  
Talkthrough 23  
Talkthrough 24  
Talkthrough 25  
Talkthrough 26  
Talkthrough 27  
Talkthrough 28  
Talkthrough 29  
Talkthrough 30  
Talkthrough 31  
Talkthrough 53  
Talkthrough 54