The name of the group shall be the “UK FM Group (Western)”


In general – to further the well-being of amateur radio and electronics:
In particular – to establish and maintain repeater stations on any authorised amateur band.


As an affiliated Society of the Radio Society of Great Britain the Group shall recognise and support the aims of the R.S.G.B.

The Committee shall elect a member of the Group, who is also a corporate member of the R.S.G.B. to act as the R.S.G.B. Affiliated Society Representative (ASR) to the Radio Society of Great Britain. The Group Secretary will normally fill this post.


Membership of the Group shall be open to anyone, at the discretion of the Group Committee. Members shall pay an annual subscription, not exceeding £25.00, or such lesser sums as the committee may determine.

Payment shall only be made to the Group Treasurer, members of the Committee and authorised Club Representatives. A receipt shall be issued only by the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, or a Committee member, and the issue of a receipt shall be deemed to represent acceptance of the membership application in question, unless the committee shall subsequently reject that application. In the event that the Committee should reject an initial membership application, the whole of any fee paid should be returned. The Committee may revoke the membership of a member whose conduct is considered to be unacceptable to the Group without allowing any refund of membership fee. The member shall have the right of appeal to a properly called meeting of the Committee, when the decision may be upheld or revoked by a simply majority of paid-up members present.

Family membership of the group shall be available where two or more members reside at the same address. The annual subscription for family membership shall be determined from time to time by the committee. Family members will only receive one copy of Talkthrough per household.

Payment of a membership fee due may be waived only at the discretion of the Group Committee. The Committee shall also have the power to grant Honorary Membership to a person for a specific period, during which time no membership subsription shall be payable.

Membership subscriptions become due exactly twelve months after the previous payment was accepted/took effect. Any member who fails to pay their subscription shall cease to be a member three months after the subscription has become due, whilst voting rights shall cease immediatly the subscription lapses.


The Group Committee shall be responsible for nominating a President of the Group for the approval of the members at the Annual General Meeting who shall serve this office for a period to be be determined by the Group Committee.


The Committee in whom the Group’s property shall and assets be vested shall administer the affairs of the Group.
Paid-up members attending the Annual General Meeting of the Group, which shall normally be held in September, shall elect the following members of the Committee annually:-




and up to five members.

No one under the age of 18 years shall be eligible to serve on the Committee. Those elected must be paid-up members of the Group and shall take office immediately the election of the new Committee has been completed. A quorum for the purposes of committee meetings shall be four members.

The Committee may co-opt up to three members, and may if it so desires invite a representative from each repeater that is licenced and not represented by a Committee member at the A.G.M., to attend as an ex-officio member of the Committee.

The Committee shall be wholly responsible for the running of the Group and shall meet at least four times a year and preferably more frequently.


Payments shall only be made out of Group funds by members of the Committee as follows:-
(i) All cheques are to be signed by any two of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
(ii) The Treasurer may pay out cash up to the sum of £25.00.
The Group Committee shall ensure that the Treasurer keeps proper accounts of all money belonging to the Group, that two members of the Group, not on the Committee, audit such accounts and that a statement is presented to the Annual General Meeting of the Group.
The Group shall be a non-profit making organisation.


A General Meeting of the Group shall be held annually, notice of the date being given direct to members or announced in the journal of the R.S.G.B., “Radio Communication” by the secretary at least one month before the meeting in question. Alternatively notification may be given by the secretary via the R.S.G.B. News Bulletin service at least seven days before the meeting.

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at anytime by the Committee – notification being given as for the A.G.M. , and shall also be convened by them on receipt of a request signed by at least one fifth of the paid-up membership. A quorum for the purpose of General Meetings shall be one sixth of the membership or fifteen paid-up members, whichever is the smaller.


Only currently paid-up members may vote at meetings of the Group. Members whose subscriptions have fallen due less than three months beforehand must pay up immediately before the meeting starts if they wish to vote. New members do not have voting rights until 24 hours after their subscriptions have been accepted.

All Committee members except the Chairman shall be allowed to vote, but the Chairman shall only vote in the event that a casting vote is required. Honorary members are not entitled to vote unless they have previously relinquished their status by becoming paid-up members. All voting shall be by a show of hands or by ballot. The exception to this paragraph shall be in Constitutional matters – see section 10 below.

Proxy voting shall not be allowed and during the election of Committee members, nominees for the position under consideration shall not vote.
Proposers and seconders shall be allowed one vote each, which shall be counted as tactily in favour of their proposition. Amendments to propositions shall be considered one at a time and shall be accepted by a simple majority in favour or otherwise. Proposers and seconders of original motions which are ammended may withdraw their vote of support by abstention only – notwithstanding that the amended motion shall still be voted upon by the meeting.

The Chairman’s ruling shall be binding.

This section number 8 – VOTING shall be read out at the commencement of all General Meetings of the Group.


In the event of a decision being made to wind up the Group, then those responsible for conducting the winding-up shall carry out the following procedure:-

(i) Settle all outstanding debts;
(ii) Convene a Group meeting to distribute the remaining assets;
(iii) At the meeting – arrange to transfer of in-situ Group equipment to any properley contsituted group or radio club willing to take over responsibility for individual installations. Claims on individual installations should be submitted no less than two weeks before the meeting. In the event of a multiple claim the allocation shall be decided by a committee vote.
(iv) Vote on the method of distribution of the remaining assets whether this be by:-
(a) Sale and equal distribution to all paid-up members;
or (b) Transfer en-bloc to the Radio Society of Great Britain.


This Constitution shall be altered only by a two-thirds majority of paid-up members present and eligible to vote at a properley called General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting of the Group. Notice of proposed amendments must be given to the Chairman or Secretary not less than fourteen daysbefore the meeting in question.

The above Constitution is as amended by the Group meeting held on Monday 26th October 2009 at the Grappenhall Community Centre, Grappenhall. Warrington.