UK FM Group (Western) supports the GB7WC GB7DV and GB3VT  D-Star repeaters:


Use of REF005D to connect repeaters together in the North West has been limited due to Reflector 5 being inoperable it has become customary to use REF001D

In order to see which of the groups repeaters are connected look at http://ref001.dstargateway.org/

GB7WC439.4875 MHz / Digital / Warrington

Using D-Star

  1. Most 70cm D-Star repeaters use 9MHz spacing

  2. Mode is “DV”

  3. YOUR default is “CQCQCQ” or station being called

  4. RPT1 (example) GB7WC**B (* = space)

  5. RPT2 (example) GB7WC**G (* = space)

  6. 2 spaces between callsign and port/mode in RPT1/2

  7. 2 Metre port is “C”, 70cm is “B”

  8. “G” for Gateway allows your call to be heard using as dongle or a connected reflector

  9. MYCALL is your own callsign without P or M

  10. Polarisation is Vertical

    D-STAR System Introduction

    Dstar information page