GB3CR – RB06
433.1500 MHz, FM Analogue Repeater
Location: Marches. Wales.

OUTPUT 433.1500 MHz
RX1 434.7500 MHz
NGR (view) SJ123701
CTCSS 110.9 Hz
LAT/LONG 53.10552 / -3.052777
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GB3CR – As I reported earlier Andy swapped the old Tait for the new Tait. There were comments that the sensitivity of the new Tait wasn’t as good as the old Tait as people who previously had been strong into the repeater were struggling.  After a couple of visits to the Dee Communications site by Andy G1SYG and Tony G3TRL to, among other things (repairing/replacing the door to the building) investigate the problem found that there appears to have been some degradation to the 4 stack aerial.  Fortunately there is a spare 4 stack on the mast and the aim is today (15th Feb) to, again other work commitments notwithstanding, connect the spare aerial to the new Tait.


In the GB3CR folder in the files section of you’ll find the sweep of the aerial taken yesterday compared to the sweep Andy took when the unit was installed.


On behalf of the group many thanks to Tony and Andy from Dee Communications who have, for many years, supplied the repeater kit, the site and the engineering expertise at no cost to the group.



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Dave, M0OBW

Chairman, UKFM Group (Western)

Thanks once again to Andy, G1SYG, for venturing up to the GB3CR site earlier yesterday (Saturday 4th January) and installing the “new” GB3CR which comprises a TAIT T800 base station interfaced to a Zetron logic.


As you recall just before Christmas he went up there and installed the new unit but because the chip in the logic (not the Zetron logic) failed he had to revert to the “old” CR for a few days.  That unit was based on a Tait TB700 unit and the original G8OEK logic, which by the way had done sterling service in the very old Storno unit. Since then as I say he’s thrown the faulty logic away and interfaced a new Zetron logic to the new T800 unit.


At the same time he’s now made it CTCSS access only (110.9Hz) so no encode means it will not repeat your audio.


Just to confirm the RF frequencies and other parameters have not been altered.

If you’ve ever wondered what GB3CR looks like see the Photos, the new Tait T800 and the Zetron logic, the old Tait TB700 unit and the very old Storno unit and there’s a photo of the aerials on the tower.




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Dave, M0OBW

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Sweep of GB3CR aerial Jan 2014