GB3MN – RV52
145.600 MHz, FM Analogue/Digital Fusion Repeater
Location: Stockport. Cheshire

OUTPUT 145.6500 MHz
RX1 145.0500 MHz
NGR (view) SJ973814
CTCSS 82.5 Hz
LAT/LONG 53.329411 / -2.041337
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It seems great there is quite an amount of interest in the digital side of MN with a lot of people using FTM 400 radios so we include a file that has all the groups VHF UHF Analogue and now Digital Repeaters along with others from around the North West for the SD card  memory.

The file is written to your micro sd card as page 152 of your manual , on your pc you should be able to see the file structure and the file CLNFT400.dat this is the one to replace re load the data back into your radio and put your call sign back in as the file has NO-CALL.

All should be well.

File CLNFT400.dat

GB3MN installed
The New Fusion installation GB3MN
GB3MR and co sited GB£MN before Fusion installation
GB3MR and co sited GB3MN before Fusion installation


Antennas at GB3MN/MR
Antennas at GB3MN/MR
Input/output set up
Input/output set up
Mode Setup
ID Set
ID setup




Repeater under soak test.
Repeater under soak test.


The  group has invested in this exciting new mode. Thanks to Lam Communications for obtaining the first to be shipped to the UK and of course to Maxwave Ltd for their generosity in allowing us the use of their site at Bowstone Gate Farm for both GB3MN and GB3MR.

More information on the radios capabilities can be found at Yaesu web site.

Download the repeater System_Fusion_text and see the technical detail and facilities available.

Your Committee..









GB3MN is off-air pending a bit of TLC to the repeater itself, Peter has it on the bench, and it’s in the process of a serious amount of work! (26/4/14)



GB3MN – for those that listen and those that use GB3MN you’ll probably have realised that those annoying “Dalek” like tones have finally gone away.  Peter, G8NSS popped up to the site, if you can ever pop up to such sites, bearing in mind it’s some 30 miles from Peter’s house, on Saturday afternoon and reconfigured the logic, which was where the problem was.  I’m sure everyone would like to thank Peter for his time and effort.


GB3MR – hopefully, work commitments having to come first, we hope to have GB3MR back on air in a couple of weeks.


The group has to also thank Sam from Maxxwave for the use of their site up at Bowstone.


I’m pleased to report that at approx 16:45 yesterday Sunday 15th December GB3MN was returned to service. Access is by CTCSS (82.5Hz) – NO tone burst access.

Reports will be welcome via the usual methods.

Thanks to Peter, G8NSS, for his efforts in getting the box back into service.

On behalf of the UK FM Group (Western)committee we would like to wish all our members and their families a very Merry Xmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Best 73
Dave, M0OBW
Chairman, UKFM Group (western)


Yesterday, 18th April, Darren, G7LWT and myself after the weather conspiring against us
managed to finally get to site to have a go at sorting out the interference
issue that’s been plaguing MN for some time. Cor wasn’t it windy!!!!

I’m pleased to say that after some detective work up there and with the help of
a commercial user from another part of the site we managed to first of all
identify the frequency that was causing the problem and I’m pleased to say by
fitting an extra filter to our system managed to get rid of the problem, well
put it this way we’ve not heard the problem since we fitted the filter!!!

The filter by the way is currently on loan from Darren and is some £300’s worth
of kit.

The group is going to have to buy a similar unit – as you know with falling
membership and increasing costs budgeting for extra kit like this isn’t easy.

Can I urge you that if you hear someone who you think isn’t a member of the group
please encourage them to support the group by joining – after all its only
£12.50 – just over a £1 a month – and they can join easily via the PayPal button
on the groups web site

Once again many thanks for your support.

Best 73
Dave, M0OBW
Chairman UKFM Group (Western)

As you may or may not know GB3MN has been operating intermittently due to problems with the curfew timer.  We are pleased to advise that thanks to Peter G8NSS’s efforts the faulty unit was replaced and the unit is back in operation.  HOWEVER, you will undoubtedly hear some strange gurgling noises coming from the box, there’s some sort of interference going on (not deliberate and not by an Amateur). In order to track it down it’ll mean taking an analyser on site and monitoring the box for a day – hopefully then we’ll know where its coming from and can take steps to eliminate it.  This isn’t the time of year to be doing that, yesterday for instance there was some 4 inches of snow up there and the wind went straight through you, it’s a job that needs better weather.


In the meantime please use the box but be aware of the issue.


GB3MR by the way – the receiver is faulty currently on the bench awaiting the arrival of a replacement part – hopefully it’ll be back in a week or so.