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Final AGM Result

UKFMGW has a committee!…UKFMGW will continue!

After the meeting last night, we’re pleased to say that the group hasn’t folded, and a new committee is in place

Chairman – Dave Wilson, M0OBW

Secretary – Julian Woolvin, M0JPW

Treasurer – Peter Leach, G8NSS

Membership Secretary – Kath Wilson, M1CNY

Property Officer – Mike Isherwood, G4VSS

Website – Mark Harper, MW1MDH

Recruitment – Paul Newbery, 2E0OMO

Committee Member – Jake Mottram, 2E0SEY

The UK’s largest Repeater Group


with thanks to Geoff Booth from his post on Social Media

Our repeaters are located in;

Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside, North Wales and Staffordshire

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The network is planned, maintained & operated by the Group without any financial help from the RSGB or any other organisation.

AGM Date  OCT16 ,Mon 20:00 ·  At Warrington Amateur Radio Club (WARC)

Saturday 10th June 2017

GB3ST on-air today Saturday 10th of June. Operational 24 hour per day subject to no regular abuse. The TX antenna will be replaced later this year (subject to funding being available) this will help improve fringe coverage areas and not damage the TX again!

Thursday 8th June 2017.

GB3ST will be back on-air within the next week after a long 10 week period, this was due to several reasons; remote control equipment upgrade work on-site did not go as planned, days later a fault developed with the transmitter and a family member illness/funeral has delayed the return of the repeater equipment to site.

GB3MP (Posted 08/06/17)

I can confirm that GB3MP is moving – it’s just that it’s taking longer than expected. The aerial and feeder are due to to be installed next month.  The kit will then need a bit of an overhaul etc before it goes back into operation. I would estimate it being operational from its new site in August.

Best 73, Dave, M0OBW

Update from the UK FM Group (Western) EGM held on Monday 5th December 2016.

There was an open and candid discussion re expenditure over income and the fact that immediate action was required to secure the future of the network. The three most expensive repeater sites were discussed and the various ways to maintain the network coverage from these sites at a reduced cost. The decisions from this discussion are as follows:

· GB3MP to move from Moel-y-Parc to a new site at Gwaenysgor. If possible the move to be completed before the end of March 2017. This was unanimously agreed in the meeting.

· GB3MN & GB3MR to move from Bowstone to Walthew House. It is intended that this will happen before the end of June 2017. This was unanimously agreed in the meeting.

· GB3MA & GB7MA. There was much discussion regarding this site with no overall decision being made in the meeting. It was unanimously agreed to leave the decision of what to do with the site to the committee.